What We Do

Residential Customers

The process is fully explained to the customer. A Kleanflow truck comes to your driveway and an 8 inch vacuum hose is brought into your furnace room usually through a window or side door. Two or more panels are installed in your main ductwork. Steele plates are used to cover these after the work has been completed. The vacuum hose is then connected. The customer is then given the opportunity to inspect the insides of their ductwork. All the vents are sealed and a 1/2" hose with various attachments and rotary power brush, is used with the vacuum to achieve 100% cleaning results. Customers can inspect the cleaned ductwork before replacement plates are installed. We sanitize with a non toxic spray, clean laundry vents, and grills are washed and brushed where necessary. Extreme care is taken with customer possessions and our technicians use indoor shoes. Work areas are left clean. A sticker is placed on the furnace and dated. Technicians are trained professionals and treat customers with respect.

Commercial Accounts

Most commercial jobs are done using a similar process. but can also include the use of robotics and portable vacuums. Our technicians can work in confined spaces and also work overhead. We are currently contracted to the two largest companies in Peterborough. We have all the relevant insurances.